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19 Jun 2011

Germany Has the Largest Marked for Online Video Watching

It might not be a big surprise since Germany has the largest online audience but here it is: Germany has the largest European marked for online video watching. In Germany there are 45 million unique viewers watching an average of 187 videos for 19.6 hours per viewer in April. The Turks are second with 20.7 million viewers with 169 videos viewed for an average 18.7 hours per viewer. The British are ranked third with 166 videos watched for 17.0 hours on average per viewer.

Online Video in Selected European Countries
Country          Videos pr 
  Hours pr viewer         Total Unique 
        Viewers (000)
Germany      186.919.6 44,928
Turkey 168.618.7 20,732
United Kingdom 166.417.0 32,594
Spain 150.918.418,902
France 131.2 12.838,658
Italy 114.8 12.818,690
Russia  86.8 9.739,840
Source: Comscore (Juni 2012)

See the press release: Germany Leads Europe in Online Video Viewing from Comscore.