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4 May 2013

2 in 3 Leave Hard-to-Use Webshops

A staggering 65 per cent or 2 in 3 say they will leave a webshop if it doesn’t give them what they want quickly, a study by OnePoll shows based on 2,000 US consumers. They’ll shop elsewhere and you lost the transaction. This means that you must have a great search engine on your website and an easy to understand and use menu navigation. Don’t name the navigation menu what you (the company) call your products but what your customers will call them. And don’t make it too artistic, colourful or in other way confusing. It might look great but you could end up losing the sale.

Make the Transaction Easy - for Pete's sake
Half of our online customers (49 per cent) actually abandon transactions which take too long. On top of that 48 per cent of online shoppers leave the transaction if it is too complicated. So make the website easy to use and make sure your purchase flow is as simple as possible. Goes without saying, really. They rather go elsewhere than to try to figure out how to shop on your website - despite your might have a great offer.

This Annoys Our Costumers Online
  • 62 per cent are annoyed when he/she has already given his/her personal information online or via phone and has to repeat them to customer service.
  • 59 per cent think it’s irritating when he/she is transferred to another person in customer service and he/she has to repeat account information or issues.
  • 52 per cent don’t like to wait for a credit on an account after returning a product.
  • 49 per cent find it frustrating to have to deal with the hassle of returning online purchases.
  • 47 per cent hate trying to buy something online, only to find it’s unavailable.