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5 Feb 2011

Social Media Is Driving Disappointingly Little Traffic to Your Site

If you are thinking of changing your marketing mix in favour of Social Media and discard the tried-and-true online marketing mix you might want to wait a little.

I have earlier written a blog post about how much a Facebook fan is worth but in a survey made by Foresee it's revealed that a Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media fan does not generate the revenue we might have expected it to, yet.

Social Media is only responsible for 3 per cent of the visitors to e-commerce website in the UK (in America it's 5 per cent), the study reveals. In comparison search engines are responsible for 13 per cent of the visitors and email marketing 10 per cent. Moreover, the customers who visit a website because of a Social Media interaction are not among those most likely to press on the proceed to check out button. The survey shows that in Great Britain Social Media doesn’t influence the online sales as much as hoped for.

Primary Influence on Website Visit
Familiarity with brand 46%
Search engine result 13%
Promotional e-mail 10%
Word-of-Mouth Recommendation 10%
TV, Newspaper, Radio or Magazine Ads      8%
Internet Advertising 5%
Interaction on Social Network 3%
Shopping Comparison Website 2%
Blogs or Discussion Forums 1%
Product Review Website 1%
Source: Foresee (February 2011)

When asked how the customers wanted to hear from retailers the traditional channels win again. A surprisingly high number (20 per cent) doesn’t want to hear from us at all - the rest are quite clear on how we are to contact them. Again Social Media is not among the most preferred. Only 2 per cent in the UK and 8 per cent in the US prefer Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. Again e-mail marketing is most preferred with 62 per cent in the UK and 64 per cent in the US. Social Media is like all other channels important but, at the moment, not as important as we might have expected it to be.

Download the complete survey by Foresee.

24 May 2010

Web Surfing Is Stagnating in Denmark

In previous years you might have experienced a growth in traffic on your website. Hence, you are confident that the KPI concerning an increase in traffic is running according to plan. But this might be a mistake. In Denmark years of growth in traffic halted in 2009 - and it is especially the younger age groups which have reached a saturation point, according to a survey by Jon Lund.

The study shows that in Denmark the growth in the total number of pages the Danes are reading online has declined since the first quarter of 2009. In 2009 the Internet activity increased by 27 per cent but in the first quarter of this year the number of pages is declining by 1 percent. The number of visits and hours spent online are also falling.

It is particularly the younger age groups, whose online activity are declining. The older age groups continue to spend more time online, however, the increase is not as rapidly as it was among the younger age groups.

In Denmark people visit around 100,000 different websites each month. Most of them having a very limited taget group. However, the 250 largest websites experienced an increase in the total share of traffic from 51 to 66 per cent from January 2008 to 2010.

You can buy the survey at Mediawatch.