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9 Oct 2011

E-commerce Is Gaining Ground in Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries

It's a year ago I made the blog entry E-commerce in Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries and I think it's time for an update. As the last time, I use Posten's (the Nordic Post) survey about e-commerce in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.

A brief summery. 1 in 4 citizens in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) is shopping online each month. Among the Nordic countries the Danes are most likely to click on the buy button. 1 in 3 (32%) Danes are shopping on the web each month.

Percentage of people who shop each month via distance
Country      S DK  N  SF

    28%    32%  24%  10%
Source: Posten Norden (May 2011) 

The Danes shop online because it's easy and they can hunt for bargains. The Danes are not as interested in a larger selection of products as their fellow Nordic citizen. The Danes expect a short delivery time, 1 in 3 (35%) demands that the product is delivered within in three days.

The online shopping Swedes are younger (15-29 years) than in the other Nordic countries. In Sweden people prefer to click on the buy button in shops situated in Sweden and to be invoiced. 

The credit card is gaining ground on invoices among the internet shopping Norwegians. In Norway they are more patient and accept a delivery time of more than a week.

Finns are still the most hesitant online shoppers in the Nordic countries. They prefer to use bank transfer and are not using their credit card as often as their neighbours.

Men shop more online than women 
In most surveys of this kind women are always crowned as kings of internet shopping. But not in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.

Percentage who shop each month (gender)
Country S DK  N  SF
Men 30%    37%  27%  9%
Women   25%    26%  21%  9%
Source: Posten Norden (May 2011)

1 in 3 in the age groups 15-29 and 30-49 shop online each month. However, the most frequent shopper are Danish men in the age 30-49 where half (51%) claim they shop online each month.

Reasons for shopping online
Half the Nordic population shop online because it's easier and faster than shopping in the high street shops. The price is also an important factor. 1 in 5 thinks that a price is important. When shopping online consumers expect a larger selection of products.

Most important argument for shopping online (selected categories)
Country S DK  N  SF
It's cheaper 22%    30%  26%  12%
Better selection   22%    15%  25%  23%
Source: Posten Norden (May 2011)

Consumer electronics are hot - glasses are not
Clothes/apparel are most often put in the virtual shopping cart followed by consumer electronics. Newspapers and magazines, food, glasses and contact linses are seldom bought online.

Products people have ordered last year (top 3 and bottom 3)
Country S DK  N  SF
Clothes 50%    49%  44%  53%
Consumer electronics   33%    45%  36%  41%
Books 28%    18%  16%  22%
Newspapers and magazines     2%      3%    1%    5%
Food     1%      3%    2%    2%
Glasses and contact lenses   2%      0%    1%    2%
Source: Posten Norden (May 2011) 

Almost half (49%) of the people living in the Nordic countries have bought clothes online in the last year.

Card or cash?
Over all the credit card is the most popular paying method but there are geographical differences. The Finns are least likely to use credit card and the Swedes like to be invoiced.

The most common payment methods
Country S DK  N  SF
Credit card   21%    80%  40%  14%
Invoice 41%    4%  24%  30%
Bank transfer 28%    10%  20%  39%
COD     8%      3%  12%  12%
Instalment agreement     1%      0%    0%    3%
Don't know     1%      3%    4%    2%
Source: Posten Norden (May 2011) 

Get hold of E-handel i Norden 2011 (in Danish) by Posten.

17 Oct 2010

E-commerce in Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries

If you want to expand your online business or web shop into to Nordic countries or Scandinavia but don't know how the Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and Finnish behave on the Internet, well don't worry. Read this blog post and you'll save yourself some time and hopefully earn some money. Eventually.

In 2009 the turnover for distance selling in the Nordic region was €8,583,230,513 (£7,531,804,220) and it is rinsing. In the same period distance selling increased by 17%, a report from Post Norden shows. Last year on an average each person living in the Nordic region bought articles for €692 (£607). If your shop or company isn't situated in the Nordic Countries - don't worry. Because nearly half the citizens who shop online have bought their shirt, cream or radio in another country.

Differences within the Nordic countries
Below you'll find some difference and similarities with in the Nordic countries regarding online shopping. I have only listed the most common and top 3-5 in each group.

The Danes are bargain hunters and the Finns are all for convenience.
Reason to purchase online:
Country S DK  N  SF
It's cheaper 24%    34%  25%  17%
Shop when I want   20%    18%  23%  30%
It's easier 25%    22%  14%  21%
Source: Posten Norden (May 2010)

The Swedes expect to get an invoice and the Danes love their Dankort/Visa card.
The most common payment methods:
Country S DK  N  SF
Invoice 41%    8%  30%  32%
Credit card   24%    66%  33%  13%
Bank transfer 22%    22%  20%  37%
COD   11%      4%  16%  17%
Source: Posten Norden (May 2010) 

Apparel and shoes are the most popular products.
The most common product purchased online:
Country S DK  N  SF
Shoes/clothes 47%    43%  39%  48%
Computers and electronics   39%    46%  40%  33%
Books 28%    23%  24%  19%
CDs and film   24%    25%  20%  29%
Source: Posten Norden (May 2010) 

Search engines rule the world and comparison sites are second.
First step when purchasing:
Country S DK  N  SF
Search engine 65%    81%  69%  70%
Comparison sites 54%    67%  45%  48%
Catalogues 41%    39%  53%  64%
Ratings and reviews   48%   43%  49%  39%
Social Media   18%    15%  24%  35%
Get retail inspiration   19%    26%  13%  14%
Source: Posten Norden (May 2010) 

The Norwegians go bargain hunting abroad, the Swedes are looking for larger selection.
Reason to purchase abroad:
Country S DK  N  SF
It's cheaper than home     47%    61%  65%  46%
Can't find it online in my country   33%    32%  27%  37%
Larger selection 36%    28%  32%  28%
Source: Posten Norden (May 2010)

These were the most interesting figures from the Nordic region. If you are missing some numbers or categories you are welcome to contact me and I will look into the report from Posten Norden and see what I can dig out for you. You can find my e-mail under contact.

See the latest number on Scandinavian and Nordic e-commerce