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8 Aug 2012

Mobile Internet Usage Continues to Rise Dramatically

It's about the last chance to make a mobile website if it isn't too late already. In a survey conducted by Accenture in 13 countries shows that it has become a part of the daily life to access the mobile Internet. Those who don’t have a mobile web-enabled device say they will buy one soon. Smartphones are the most popular mobile Internet access medium. In other words, consumers want to access you webshop with their smartphone and tablet.

Usability and mobile apps are the primary drivers of mobile Internet use, with a higher proportion of users having downloaded programs and apps on their mobile devices in the past one year. Consumers are now more willing than ever before to pay for premium services. Mobile payments are also a significant way to expand your business with growing use and awareness of these services.

Statistics from the report
22% use the internet on a tablet
37% use a netbook
45% of those above 50 has used mobile internet
46% has conducted a bank transaction on a mobile device
61% has used their smartphone to access the internet
62% has accessed a social network
70% uses their mobile device to receive and send e-mails
71% has downloaded programs and apps on their mobile device

Download the report from Accenture.

26 Feb 2012

Huge Increase in Android Usage in Europe

The use of the Android operating system has increased dramatically in the three largest countries in Europe during the last year. At the same time the Symbian operating system used in Nokia's mobile phones has plummeted.

Smartphone Market Share by OS in the Three Major European Countries
Android 36.6% 18.6% 35.4%19.3% 33.6% 11.6%
iOS 26.4%   27.4%   25.2%30.0% 22.2% 20.7%
RIM 18.3% 17.1% 9.2%8.1% 3.3% 4.8%
Symbian 14.5% 29.6% 17.0%30.2% 46.4% 28.4%
Microsoft 2.5% 4.9% 4.4%9.6% 7.9% 12.5%
Source: Comscore (February 2012)

If you are optimising your mobile site for Nokia phones it might be the time to focus on phones with Android operating system and iPhones.

See press release from Comscore.

11 Sep 2011

Half of the Online Adults Have Shopped with Their Mobile Phone

Half (51%) of the online adults* have shopped with their mobile phone, a survey by IBM reports. This indicates that our online customers are not just using their computer to shop online but also their phone - and they like it.

68% note that price comparison on the mobile is important or very important
38% say they want receive discount coupons
38% want to be able to review and change their shopping basket items later time, on their computer
29% say it is important to receive special offers on the mobile phone

Find more information in the press release IBM study finds social networks influence more than half of shoppers’ decision-making - even in the store.

*The survey including 4,000 adults in Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy who have access to the internet.

20 Aug 2011

The Mobile Phone Has Become A Necessity

If you forget your wallet at home you don't go back for it; but you go back for your mobile/cell phone. The mobile/cell phone has become a necessity. A study made by Pew Internet shows that 83 per cent of Americans own a mobile phone. And they use it. Quite often.

Problems in Paradise
It is great that Americans use their mobile/cell phones this much. But not all is well in the Garden of Eden.16 per cent have difficulties reading on their phone because the screen is too small, and one in ten has difficulties entering a lot of text on their phone.

Texting is popular
Text messaging (sms) and taking pictures are the two most popular thing to do with your phone. Three in four mobile owners (73%) use their phones for both texting and picture taking. Other frequent activities are sending photos or videos, half  (54%) of mobile phone owners do this and surfing on the Internet via the mobile phone is done by 44 per cent.

One third of American adults (35%) own a smartphone. And smartphone users use their phone more than ordinary mobile/cell phone users. Nine in ten smartphone owners are texting or taking pictures with their phones, while eight in ten use their phone to surf on the Internet or to send photos or videos.

Percentage of adult cell phone owners within each group who use their phones to do the following:
Activity Mobile/cell phone owners         Smartphone owners
Texting              92%                  59%
Take picture              92%                  59%
Access the Internet              84%                  15%
Send phone or video              80%                  36%
E-mails              76%                  10%
Download apps              69%                    4%
Play a game              64%                  14%
Play music              64%                  12%
Record a video              59%                  15%
Go to social network sites              59%                    8%
Watch a video              54%                    5%
Post a photo or video online              45%                    5%
Do online banking              37%                    5%
Participate in a video chat or call              13%                    1%
Source: Pew Internet (August 2011)

Half the mobile/cell phone owners (51%) has used their mobile/cell phone at least once to get information they needed right here and now. One in four (27%) has experienced a situation in the previous month in which they had problems doing something because they didn't have their mobile/cell phone with them. This shows that we are becoming dependent on having our mobile/cell phone with us at all times, that's why we go back for it if we forget at home.

See Americans and their cell phones from Pew Internet.

31 Jul 2011

The Number of Smartphone Users Visiting Retail Websites Has Increased by 80 Per Cent

Can your website be accessed by mobile phone and smartphone users? If not, you might want to make it accessible or even make an m-commerce site. 13.5 million mobile users in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France visited a retail website from March to May this year, according to Comscore. This is equal to an 80 per cent increase over the past year. The UK has the largest growth with a 163-percent increase in smartphone users visiting a retail site.

Auction sites and shopping guides
Auction sites and shopping guides are also becoming increasing popular among mobile owners. 6.3 per cent of all mobile users in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France visited an online auction site and 5.1 per cent also visited an online shopping guide from March to May 2011.

Among the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France, the UK had the highest penetration for auction sites, retail sites and shopping guides. One in ten mobile users in the UK (10.5 per cent) visited an auction site, 9.2 per cent visited a retail site and 5.7 per cent visited a shopping guide. The number of mobile users visiting a retail site grew by 118 per cent over the previous year, a number that is even more outspoken among smartphone users (up 163 per cent). The UK also had the highest increase for users visiting an auction site (up 95 per cent) and users visiting a shopping guide (up 71 per cent).

Mobile Retail Activity Among Total Mobile Subscribers

  UK Germany    Italy    Spain   France
Visited auction site     10,5%       6,7%    6,0%      4,1%      3,6%
Visited retail site   9,2%    6,5%    5,7%  3,4%  3,4%
Visited shopping guide      5,7%    5,4%    6,6%  4,3%  3,4%
Source: Comscore (July 2011)

See the press release from Comscore.

5 Jun 2011

One in Three Compare Prices Online While Shopping in a Store

If you see a customer using his mobile phone while shopping he is probably not texting (sms) - he is comparing prices. One in three (34 per cent) compare prices online while shopping in a store, a survey by PriceGrabber reveals. And who can blame him; everybody wants to make a bargain. A customer has on average three shopping apps on his smartphone. In the survey the customers say that they have an average of 21 apps on their smartphone - among them three shopping apps.

Coupons and product deals
In addition to shopping on their mobile phones, consumers use their mobile phone to do a number of other shopping related tasks. Almost three in four (72 per cent) customers indicate that they are receiving coupons, product deals and price alerts on their mobile phone.

34 % compare prices
A little more than half (55 per cent) say they use their mobile phone to search the internet. And another third indicate they use their mobile phone to find nearby products to purchase. Finally, one in five (21 per cent) say they use product bar code scanning to find the best price.

Read the presse release Average consumer has downloaded three shopping-related apps by Pricegrabber.

29 May 2011

Huge Increase in Europeans Doing Mobile Banking

The next hot thing to do with your mobile phone is to access your bank account. Well, it might not be hot but at least it's pracitical. In march 20 million mobile users in United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany and Italy accessed their bank account via a mobile phone, according to Comscore. This is equal to 8.5 per cent of mobile subscribers in these five countries.

A 40% rise among smartphone users
Since August last year there has been a 15.4 per cent rise in mobile bankers. People who access their bank account via a mobile phone are mostly smartphone users. Among smartphone users the number of banking users has risen by 40 per cent since August 2010. Smartphone users accounted for 70 per cent of the mobile banking back in March.

The French are ahead
Usually it's United Kingdom and Germany which are at the forefront. But not this time. When it comes to mobile banking France and Spain are ahead. France has the highest penetration of mobile bankers with 10.3 per cent accessing their bank accounts via their mobile phones. Spain is just behind 10.2 per cent. Germany, which is the largest smartphone audience in Europe, has surprisingly the lowest penetration of mobile banking users with just 6.8 per cent.

Accessed Bank Account
Country Percentage      
France     10,3%
Spain     10,1%
United Kingdom       8,6%
Italy       7,5%
Germany       6,8%
Source: ComScore (May 2011)

Mobile banking is for males
Two in three who access their account with a mobile phone are males. The 25-34 year olds are the most avid mobile banking users with 27.9 per cent.

Accessed Bank Account
Age Percentage      
13-17             4,0%
18-24     16,3%
25-34     27,9%
35-44     22,4%
45-54     13,5%
55+     15,9%
Source: ComScore (May 2011)

Read the presse release Europe Sees 40 Percent Growth in Mobile Banking Through Smartphones by ComScore.

15 Sep 2010

Android Users Clicks on more Ads than iPhone Users

If you have a mobile phone with an Android operating system (OS) you are more likely to click on an advertisement within an app than other smart phone users. A white paper from Nielsen shows that the phone's operating system apparently has a lot to do with our tendency to click on a banner ad in an app.

Clicked on an advertisement within an app:

System Yes No
Android 33%   67%
Microsoft Windows Mobile   29% 71%
Apple iPhone OS 26%74%
Other 24%76%
Palm OS 22% 78%
Blackberry 15% 85%
Source: Nielsen (September 2010)

This means that it might be a better idea to make an ad for phones with Android OS instead of making a banner for an iPhone. Naturally this depends on what you are selling. If you are selling the new iPhone it might be a good idea to target iPhone users. Naturally.

Download Nielsen's white paper: The State of Mobile Apps.