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20 Mar 2011

SEO Is Better Than SEM

The hard daily work to get your keywords ranked in search engines like Google and Bing is worth the effort. An eye-tracking study by User Centric reveals that organic search results are far superior to paid ads on search engines.

100% look at the organic result
The research shows that users overlook paid ads but organic search results are viewed 100 per cent of the time and users spend an average of 14.7 seconds on Google and 10.7 seconds on Bing looking at organic search results. The paid ads are dong lousy. Just 28 per cent of the users look at the right-side ads on Google, and just 21 per cent do the same on Bing.

Where users are looking for information           Google   Bing
Organic search result 100%      100%
Ads in the right-side     28%        21%
Ads above organic search result    90%        90%
Source: User Centric (January 2011)

It’s not all bad for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) because about 90 per cent look at the ads above the organic results. So in your online marketing mix you might want to pay a little extra to be on top of the search result that right to the search result.

User Centric was in its research looking in to five areas of interest: sponsored results at the top, sponsored results to the right of the organic search results, organic search results, left pane, and on-hover flyouts (which is only used by Bing).

See press release from User Centric.

13 Mar 2011

Search Phrases Are Getting Shorter

Nearly half (47,52%) of the web searched in the U.S. consist of only one or two words, according to Experian Hitwise which has examined 10 million U.S. web searches in four weeks ending February 26 2011. The longer search queries of five to eight words have become less frequent.

Number of words                January 2011   February 2011         Month over month 
        percentage change
One word 23,39%23,86% 2%
Two words 23,59%23,66% 0%
Three words 19,99%19,91% 0%
Four words    13,71%13,57%-1%
Five words  8,28% 8,15%-2%
Six words  4,62% 4,52%-2%
Seven words  2,58% 2,52%-2%
Eight or more words     3,85% 3,80%-1%
Source: Experian Hitwise (March 2011)

This means that when you are doing your search engine optimization (SEO) you have to make sure your keywords are spot on. Customers are using shorter search phrases, hence, you have to make sure the customer can find you when only searching for one word. Yes, it can be done, but it's not easy.

See press release from Experian Hitwise.

12 Mar 2011

Bing Is Growing - Slowly

Google is still the undisputed king of the search engines. No doubt about that, but Microsoft's Bing seems to be gaining ground. According to Experian Hitwise Bing is the search engine which has improved most from January to February 2011. Experian has examined 10 million U.S. web searches in four weeks ending February 26 2011 and Bing has improved the most while Google is slowly losing ground.

Percent of all U.S. searches among leading search engines                January     2011   February 2011  Month over month percentage change
Google 67,95%66,69%-2%
Bing-powered searches 27,44%28,48% 4%
Yahoo 14,62%14,99% 3%
Bing    12,81%13,49% 5%
Source: Experian Hitwise (March 2011)

More people are using Bing. And Bing seems also successful in providing a useful search result which is basically why people are using search engines in the first place.

Success rate among search engines           January 2011   February 2011
Yahoo 81,38%81,51%
Bing 81,54%81,27%
Google 65,58%65,80%
Source: Experian Hitwise (March 2011)

When people makes a search on Yahoo or Bing more than 81 per cent of the searches result in a visit to a web page. Google achieved a success rate of only 66 per cent. This means that a third of the searches on Google doesn't result in a visit to a web page.

Optimize for Bing
Many e-commerce marketers have just done search engine optimisation (SEO) in order to perform well on Google. The numbers mentioned above mean that we should begin to take Bing seriously. If you do it now it might give you an advantage because you have optimized to Bing before everybody else and accordingly be ranked higher.

See press release from Experian Hitwise.

13 Mar 2010

10 Easy Ways to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) Your Website

When making a new page on your website or blog you must write to a person - not a search engine. Unlike many other who think you should write for search engines, I think we should write for living human beings. Because this is the reason we have a website, blog, wiki, etc.: to get in touch with other people. Isn't it? Matt Cutts from Google seems to agree on this. He has previously written on his blog: "...that most of the right choices in SEO come from asking 'What’s the best thing for the user?'"  In other words: What is good for users, is also good for search engines. Well, at least I hope it is.

I have made 10 basic rules to improve your ranking on search engines. If you stick to these rules you'll come a long way:
  1. Give your page a relevant name (the title tag)
  2. Get the name of the page into the URL (
  3. Chunking and Labeling - Divide your text into appropriate bites and give them headlines
  4. Link to other pages on your site ie related products
  5. Make alt texts on images
  6. Update your content regularly
  7. Make sure that the content is relevant
  8. Make lists
  9. Exchange links with partners (not with dubious people contacting you by e-mail)
  10. Write the words people are looking for into your text (the words they might type into a search engine)

These ten small rules are easy to do and it's free except from your working hours.

If you are not satisfied with these 10 easy steps to search engine optimization, you can in Google's Webmaster Central read Google's own guidelines to SEO. Here you can also find a Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide! Read it and get wiser and get more customer on your website from search engines.

If you have other tips how to increase ranking on search engines please add them under comments.