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26 Feb 2012

Huge Increase in Android Usage in Europe

The use of the Android operating system has increased dramatically in the three largest countries in Europe during the last year. At the same time the Symbian operating system used in Nokia's mobile phones has plummeted.

Smartphone Market Share by OS in the Three Major European Countries
Android 36.6% 18.6% 35.4%19.3% 33.6% 11.6%
iOS 26.4%   27.4%   25.2%30.0% 22.2% 20.7%
RIM 18.3% 17.1% 9.2%8.1% 3.3% 4.8%
Symbian 14.5% 29.6% 17.0%30.2% 46.4% 28.4%
Microsoft 2.5% 4.9% 4.4%9.6% 7.9% 12.5%
Source: Comscore (February 2012)

If you are optimising your mobile site for Nokia phones it might be the time to focus on phones with Android operating system and iPhones.

See press release from Comscore.

30 Oct 2011

Apple iOS Is Now Bigger than Nokia Symbian

Nokia's Symbian has for many years been the most popular operating system among smartphone users. Leaving Apple's iOS and Google's Android platform to struggle for second place. But not anymore. iOS has now a larger share, according to Comscore which has been looking into mobile and connected devices use in the five leading European markets (the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) during an average three month period ending in August 2011.

Adding iPhone, IPad and iPod Touch together
Symbian still has the largest share of the smartphone market. However, if we add all mobiles and connected devices including iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches together, iOS has the larger share with 30.5 per cent of all mobile and connected devices (excluding feature phones and e-readers). Symbian ranks second, accounting for 28.7 per cent followed by Google's Android platform as the third most popular operating system with 23.5 per cent.

OS Market Share by Audience Installed Base

3 Month average ending August 2011
Total mobile subscribers above age 13
Device platform          
Share (%) of
Devices in Use
Apple iOS       30.5%
Symbian       28.7%
Google Android       23.5%
RIM (BlackBerry)         8.1%
Microsoft         5.5%
Other platforms         3.5%
Source: Comscore MobilLens (October 2011)

Symbian is no longer no. 1 because it’s share of the market is driven only by Symbian smartphones. In comparison almost half of iOS' share comes iPads and iPod Touches. There doesn't seem to be so many tables using Android, or they are just used less frequently, because tablets account for only 16 per cent of the Android platform share.

See press release by Comscore.

15 Sep 2010

Android Users Clicks on more Ads than iPhone Users

If you have a mobile phone with an Android operating system (OS) you are more likely to click on an advertisement within an app than other smart phone users. A white paper from Nielsen shows that the phone's operating system apparently has a lot to do with our tendency to click on a banner ad in an app.

Clicked on an advertisement within an app:

System Yes No
Android 33%   67%
Microsoft Windows Mobile   29% 71%
Apple iPhone OS 26%74%
Other 24%76%
Palm OS 22% 78%
Blackberry 15% 85%
Source: Nielsen (September 2010)

This means that it might be a better idea to make an ad for phones with Android OS instead of making a banner for an iPhone. Naturally this depends on what you are selling. If you are selling the new iPhone it might be a good idea to target iPhone users. Naturally.

Download Nielsen's white paper: The State of Mobile Apps.