8 Aug 2012

Mobile Internet Usage Continues to Rise Dramatically

It's about the last chance to make a mobile website if it isn't too late already. In a survey conducted by Accenture in 13 countries shows that it has become a part of the daily life to access the mobile Internet. Those who don’t have a mobile web-enabled device say they will buy one soon. Smartphones are the most popular mobile Internet access medium. In other words, consumers want to access you webshop with their smartphone and tablet.

Usability and mobile apps are the primary drivers of mobile Internet use, with a higher proportion of users having downloaded programs and apps on their mobile devices in the past one year. Consumers are now more willing than ever before to pay for premium services. Mobile payments are also a significant way to expand your business with growing use and awareness of these services.

Statistics from the report
22% use the internet on a tablet
37% use a netbook
45% of those above 50 has used mobile internet
46% has conducted a bank transaction on a mobile device
61% has used their smartphone to access the internet
62% has accessed a social network
70% uses their mobile device to receive and send e-mails
71% has downloaded programs and apps on their mobile device

Download the report from Accenture.