9 Apr 2012

Pinterest Brings Business to Your Site

The new kid on the social media block is called Pinterest where you pin photos of things you like on your Pinboard. People can then follow eachother and be inspired by what other people pin on their different Pinboards.

The difference between Twitter and Pinterest is that we actually see what we are clicking on and what we are supposed to see before we click on it.

Pinterest means business 
A survey made by Pricegrabber shows that 21 per cent have purchased articles or products they have found on someone’s Pinboard. The most popular products are close connected to their interests which are mentioned below. This means people are buying cooking utensils, art and crafts things and, as always, clothing.

You can be a part of this new social media phenomenon. Put a “Pin” buttons on you site and get people to share/pin it. And if you are lucky and a great online businessman you might see your sales go up.

Area of interest
As indicated above the most popular area of interest is cooking followed by home decorating, crafting, fashion, entertainment and gardening. 70 per cent say that cooking and recipes are their number one interest on Pinterest.

One in ten log in every day and little more than one in three (37%) in the survey say they log in a few times a week. The most active have anywhere from 1-10 Pinboards.


  1. 21%? Dang, okay I will go see how to put a pin on my website.

  2. Yup, hurry. Let people pin your site:-)

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