12 Feb 2012

Americans Shopped for Almost $50 Billion Dollars Online in Q4 2011

If you have considered opening an online shop in America but have been affraid that it might not be successful, well, the time might be just right. In the final months of 2011 ie October, November and December 2011 the Americans bought for almost 50 (49.7) billions dollars, a study from Comscore shows.

Double Digit Growth
There is more good news. The Americans have become quite good when it comes to typing in their credit card details in online shops. The study shows that 9 quarters in a row have had a positive year-over-year growth in American online spending. And it gets even better: For five quarters in a row there's been double digit growth. The table below is retail e-commerce (non-travel) excluding auctions, autos and large corporate purchases.

Period     E-commerce Spending    
($ million)   
YOY growth   
Q4 2011 49,698   14%
Q3 2011             36,308 13%
Q2 2011 37,501   14%
Q1 2011             38,002 12%
Q4 2010 43,432   11%
Q3 2010             32,133 9%
Q2 2010 32,942   9%
Q1 2010             33,982 10%
Q4 2009 39,045   3%
Q3 2009             29,552 -2%
Q2 2009 30,169   -1%
Q1 2009             31,031 0%
Q4 2008 38,071   -3%
Q3 2008             30,274 6%
Q2 2008 30,581   13%
Q1 2008             31,178 11%
Q4 2007 39,132   19%
Q3 2007             28,441 23%
Q2 2007 27,176   23%
Q1 2007 27,970   17%
Source: Comscore (February 2012)

As shown above there is still room for improvement compared to the happy days before the financial crisis back when the e-commerce spending was growing 23 per cent. But we a slowly getting there - and if you want to be a part of this, it might be now you have live you dream and open a webshop.

See press release from Comscore.


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