1 Jan 2012

Google+ Is Growing Fast

A lot of companies have been a little hesitant asking themselves: Should we make make a Google+ account or not? If you look at the numbers released by Paul Allen at Google the answer is yes. Yes, you should. Each day are 625,000 new Google+ accounts opened. Paul Allen expects that by the end of 2012 there will be more than 400 million Google+ users. In the beginning Google's social network wasn't even for companies so you couldn't even sign up. But that has changed. Now there is no reason not to join Google+.

The growth of Google+ accounts looks like this:
Date Numbers   
July 13                10 million
August 1 20.5 million 
September 1 24,7 million
October 1 38 million  (Larry Page announced "more than 40m users" on Oct 13) 
November 1 43 million
December 1 50 million
December 27 62 million
January 1 65.8 million (forecast)
February 1 85.2 million (forecast)
Source: Paul Allen (December 2011)

December has been especially busy for the people at Google. Almost one in four of all Google+ users (24.01%) have joined in December.

See Paul Allen's entry at Google+.

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