17 Dec 2011

The Italians Are the Champions of Socializing

In Italy you see people gathering everywhere having a chat. They are really great at socializing. But that's not limited to the physical world. Online they are great too. The Italians are the champions of social media. In Italy 8 in ten (80%) has set up a social networking profile, market report from Ofcom states.

Consumers who have have a social network profile
Italy 80%
UK  70%  
France 71%
Germany 65%
USA 78%
Source: Ofcom (December 2011)

It's primarily the young who visit social networking sites. The trend is the same all over Europe except in Italy where more people in each age groups seem to have adopted social networking sites compared to the rest of Europe.

Consumers who have visited a social networking website, by age
Country     18-24    25-44  45-64
Italy 93% 87% 74%
UK 92%   82%   71%
France 92% 81% 65%
Germany 88% 78% 64%
USA 95% 85% 73%
Source: Ofcom (December 2011)

In the two age groups 18-24 and 25-44 more than half visit a social networking site more than 2 times a day. Facebook is still the most popular social networking site - all over Europe.

Get the Ofcom International Communications Market Report 2011.

11 Dec 2011

British Consumers Prefer the Web over the Store

Why go to the store when you can shop online? This could be the motto of the British consumer. According to a survey by KPMG most British consumers prefer to shop online rather than going to the high street store. Three in four (74 per cent) of British consumers say they are more likely to buy flights and vacations online and 77 per cent prefer to buy CDs, DVDs, books and video games online.
     Britain     Global    
Prefer to buy flights and vacations online 74%   70%
Prefer to buy CDs, DVDs and books and video games online             77% 65% 
Source: KPMG (December 2011)

However, when it comes to luxury items most people say they prefer to go to the store and four in ten consumers still seem to avoid grocery shopping online. This is especially evident in America where more than three in four say they would book a flight online, but only 21 per cent say they are more likely to buy groceries online.

When shopping in a store almost half (45 per cent) of the British use their mobile phone or device to find the nearest store, a third (32 per cent) use their phone or mobile device to research products and services, 30 per cent use their phone or device for online coupons and one in five (19 per cent) scan barcodes for product information. Globally 41% research products and services and almost a quarter pay with their mobile device.

Mobil device usage    Britain    
Locate store45%  
Research products            32%
Online coupons            30%
Scan barcodes for product information            19%
Source: KPMG (December 2011)

Ratings and reviews
When buying products or services the majority of customers in the UK and globally consult feedback and ratings pages on the internet or get information on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

See news release by KPMG.