6 Nov 2011

Men Engage in More Social Shopping Activities than Women

Time and time again we hear that women love shopping - especially when the shopping experience involves social shopping activities like researching and sharing on social media sites like Facebook. I have even made several blog posts about it. Women still more frequently search for bargains, coupons and specials but a study from Performics shows that men actually do more social shopping activities than women.

Social shopping activities
Men do more frequently read reviews, research product information, find product availability, compare products and information about shops via social networks, shopping and bargain sites. As mentioned women are still more frequently searching for coupons, specials and bargains,.

Where men and women do social shopping activities
Social Media Site     Men     Women
Facebook  96%   97%
You Tube 54% 34%
Twitter 37% 24%
Google+ 36% 24%
My Space 31% 20%
Linkedin 30% 16
Source: Performics (October 2011)

Share the shopping experience
Social media has become a part of the shopping experience. When searching for a product social networkers most often visit Amazon, eBay or brand websites to begin their shopping experience or right before they decide to a buy. Social networkers are more likely to use social media sites such as Facebook immediately after the purchase to share their shopping experience with their friends.

Social commerce in-store
Social shopping activities is not just done at home in front of the computer. It's also done in-store. The in-store shopping behaviour has changed dramatically. The in-store shopping experience is not limited to the shop anymore, it's also online.

In-store Activities      Percentages
Price searches in-store        62%  
Checks-in on Social Media site       45%
Use a search engine on their mobile phone to look for information       41%
Wait between five and 10 minutes for advice on social sites before buying       41%
Use a barcode scanner on their mobile phone to shop for prices       30%
Pause in a shop before buying in order to seek advice on a social network       25%
Source: Performics (October 2011)

See press release by Performics or download statistics on Slideshare.


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