18 Sep 2011

Android Beats IOS and Apple in Europe

The number of phones sold with the Android platform has increased dramatically in the last year. In July 2011, almost 1 in 4 smartphones in the five largest countries in Europe (Germany. France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) are running on the Google Android platform, Comscore reports.

Top Smartphone Platforms in the Five Largest European Countries by Share of Smartphone User
Platform    July 2010  July 2011   Difference
Symbian        53,9%    37,8%    -16,1%
Google       6,0%    22,3%      16,2%
Apple     19,0%    20,3%        1,2%
RIM        8,0%      9,4%        1,5%
Microsoft     11,5%      6,7%       -4,8%
Source: Comscore Mobilens (September 2011)

Symbian holding on to no. 1   
Nokia's Symbian platform is still the most popular operating system for smartphones in Europe but not for long. In a year (from July 2010 to July 2011) the number of Symbian users has dropped with 16.1 per cent. The position at the top of the list will soon be overtaken by Android. Having recently replaced the Symbian platform with Microsoft Windows on Nokia's smartphones will not keep Nokia's smartphones at the top of the list. Windows has dropped almost 5 per cent (4.8) in the same period.

Producers using Android
HTC and Samsung have the highest market share among producers using Android in the five European countries with 34.6 and 31.7 per cent respectively, followed by Sony Ericsson with 18.8 per cent, LG with 3.4 per cent and Motorola with 2.8 per cent.

Top Mobile Producers for the Google Android Platform
Producers        UK    France   Germany      Italy    Spain
HTC      50,9%     21,8%     29,8%    24,8%   31,9%
Samsung      21,6%     42,3%     32,4%    35,6%    33,9%
Sony Ericsson      14,2%     17,4%    14,6%       8,3%   18,8%
LG        3,5%       7,8%      6,8%     10,1%     3,4%
Motorola        2,1%       3,0%      7,8%       2,4%      2,8%
Source: Comscore Mobilens (September 2011)

The UK is different from the rest of the four European countries. In the UK HTC is the leading producer with a 50.9 per cent market share with Samsung in second place with a 21.6 per cent market share. In the rest of the five countries Samsung is predominant. In France Samsung is the leading Android phone with a 42.3 per cent market share and more than a 30 per cent market share in Germany, Italy and Spain.

See the press release Android Captures #2 Ranking Among Smartphone Platforms in EU5 from Comscore.

11 Sep 2011

Half of the Online Adults Have Shopped with Their Mobile Phone

Half (51%) of the online adults* have shopped with their mobile phone, a survey by IBM reports. This indicates that our online customers are not just using their computer to shop online but also their phone - and they like it.

68% note that price comparison on the mobile is important or very important
38% say they want receive discount coupons
38% want to be able to review and change their shopping basket items later time, on their computer
29% say it is important to receive special offers on the mobile phone

Find more information in the press release IBM study finds social networks influence more than half of shoppers’ decision-making - even in the store.

*The survey including 4,000 adults in Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy who have access to the internet.

4 Sep 2011

Less Than Half of the Europeans Shop Online

Last year on average only 40 per cent of EU citizens purchased goods or services online, a study from EU reveals. A disappointingly low number. There is, however, large differences from country to country, with less than one in four individuals having made an online purchase in 11 Member States compared with more than half in 8 other Member States.

Internet purchases by individuals 2010 (% of all individuals)
Country Percentage      Country Percentage
Denmark 68%      UK 67%
Netherlands 67%      Sweden 66%
Luxembourg 60%       Finland 59%
Germany 59%      France 56%
Austria 42%       Malta 38%
Belgium 38%       Ireland 36%
Slovakia 33%      Poland 29%
Slovenia 27%       Czech Republic 27%
Spain 24%       Hungary 18%
Cyprus 18%       Latvia 17%
Estonia 17%       Portugal 15%
Italy 15%       Greece 12%
Lithuania 11%      Bulgaria   5%
Romania   4%
Source: Eurostat (September 2011)

E-commerce has doubled in five years
It's not all bad, fortunately. In the last five years the number of people who shop online has doubled from 20 per cent in 2005 to 40 per cent in 2010.

Online shopping in the domestic market
The Internet makes it possible to buy products and services from online shops in other countries but surprisingly few consumers do this. Last year 23 per cent of all those who made an online purchase did so from a seller based in another EU Member State. This, however, differ from country to country. In 19 Member States (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom) less than 50 per cent of online shoppers are purchasing goods or services from a shop in another country.

Find more information in the report Consumer behaviour in a digital environment by the European Parliament. Or get more numbers on the EU by Eurostat.