31 Jul 2011

The Number of Smartphone Users Visiting Retail Websites Has Increased by 80 Per Cent

Can your website be accessed by mobile phone and smartphone users? If not, you might want to make it accessible or even make an m-commerce site. 13.5 million mobile users in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France visited a retail website from March to May this year, according to Comscore. This is equal to an 80 per cent increase over the past year. The UK has the largest growth with a 163-percent increase in smartphone users visiting a retail site.

Auction sites and shopping guides
Auction sites and shopping guides are also becoming increasing popular among mobile owners. 6.3 per cent of all mobile users in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France visited an online auction site and 5.1 per cent also visited an online shopping guide from March to May 2011.

Among the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France, the UK had the highest penetration for auction sites, retail sites and shopping guides. One in ten mobile users in the UK (10.5 per cent) visited an auction site, 9.2 per cent visited a retail site and 5.7 per cent visited a shopping guide. The number of mobile users visiting a retail site grew by 118 per cent over the previous year, a number that is even more outspoken among smartphone users (up 163 per cent). The UK also had the highest increase for users visiting an auction site (up 95 per cent) and users visiting a shopping guide (up 71 per cent).

Mobile Retail Activity Among Total Mobile Subscribers

  UK Germany    Italy    Spain   France
Visited auction site     10,5%       6,7%    6,0%      4,1%      3,6%
Visited retail site   9,2%    6,5%    5,7%  3,4%  3,4%
Visited shopping guide      5,7%    5,4%    6,6%  4,3%  3,4%
Source: Comscore (July 2011)

See the press release from Comscore.


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