17 Jul 2011

1 in 5 Internet Surfers Are Using Google Chrome

The battle of Internet browsers has long been a fight between Internet Explorer and Firefox (and Safari for Mac users). Lately, Bing (Microsoft) and Chrome (Google) have joined the dojo.Well, Chrome has been around for a while and now it's really begining to be a browser we have to take into account when designing and testing our website og e-commerce sites.

Chrome up 32% this year
In June Chrome was responsible for 20.65% of the Internet traffic worldwide which is a huge increase from January where it had just 15.68%. A increase of 31.7%. While Chrome is gaining ground, Firefox is losing ground. Firefox had 28.34% of the traffic in June but 30.68% in the beginning of the year.

Top 5 Browsers from January to June 2011 (percentage)
Browser January    February    March     April       May     June
Internet Explorer     46,0 45,4 45,1 44,543,943,6
Firefox 30,7 30,4 29,9 29,729,328,3
Chrome 15,7 16,5 17,37 18,319,420,7
Safari 5,09 5,08 5,02 5,045,015,07
Other 2,6 2,6 2,5 2,482,52,4
Source: Statcounter (July 2011)

Bing, however, is showing in the statistics. It's growing, as I mentioned earlier, but worldwide we are still waiting for the big breakhtrough.

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