5 Jun 2011

One in Three Compare Prices Online While Shopping in a Store

If you see a customer using his mobile phone while shopping he is probably not texting (sms) - he is comparing prices. One in three (34 per cent) compare prices online while shopping in a store, a survey by PriceGrabber reveals. And who can blame him; everybody wants to make a bargain. A customer has on average three shopping apps on his smartphone. In the survey the customers say that they have an average of 21 apps on their smartphone - among them three shopping apps.

Coupons and product deals
In addition to shopping on their mobile phones, consumers use their mobile phone to do a number of other shopping related tasks. Almost three in four (72 per cent) customers indicate that they are receiving coupons, product deals and price alerts on their mobile phone.

34 % compare prices
A little more than half (55 per cent) say they use their mobile phone to search the internet. And another third indicate they use their mobile phone to find nearby products to purchase. Finally, one in five (21 per cent) say they use product bar code scanning to find the best price.

Read the presse release Average consumer has downloaded three shopping-related apps by Pricegrabber.


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