29 May 2011

Huge Increase in Europeans Doing Mobile Banking

The next hot thing to do with your mobile phone is to access your bank account. Well, it might not be hot but at least it's pracitical. In march 20 million mobile users in United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany and Italy accessed their bank account via a mobile phone, according to Comscore. This is equal to 8.5 per cent of mobile subscribers in these five countries.

A 40% rise among smartphone users
Since August last year there has been a 15.4 per cent rise in mobile bankers. People who access their bank account via a mobile phone are mostly smartphone users. Among smartphone users the number of banking users has risen by 40 per cent since August 2010. Smartphone users accounted for 70 per cent of the mobile banking back in March.

The French are ahead
Usually it's United Kingdom and Germany which are at the forefront. But not this time. When it comes to mobile banking France and Spain are ahead. France has the highest penetration of mobile bankers with 10.3 per cent accessing their bank accounts via their mobile phones. Spain is just behind 10.2 per cent. Germany, which is the largest smartphone audience in Europe, has surprisingly the lowest penetration of mobile banking users with just 6.8 per cent.

Accessed Bank Account
Country Percentage      
France     10,3%
Spain     10,1%
United Kingdom       8,6%
Italy       7,5%
Germany       6,8%
Source: ComScore (May 2011)

Mobile banking is for males
Two in three who access their account with a mobile phone are males. The 25-34 year olds are the most avid mobile banking users with 27.9 per cent.

Accessed Bank Account
Age Percentage      
13-17             4,0%
18-24     16,3%
25-34     27,9%
35-44     22,4%
45-54     13,5%
55+     15,9%
Source: ComScore (May 2011)

Read the presse release Europe Sees 40 Percent Growth in Mobile Banking Through Smartphones by ComScore.

8 May 2011

Germany Has the Largest Online Audience

If you want to have a successfull online business you might want to consider targeting Germany. An overview made by Comscore reveals that back in March Germany had the largest online audience above age 15. Germany had 49.7 million unique visitors, followed by Russia with 47.4 million unique visitors and France with 42.3 million unique visitors.

The Dutchs are online the longest
The Germans might have the largest Internet audience but visitors coming from the Netherlands have the highest engagement. The Dutchs spent 34.4 hours on average online in March, this is 33 per cent higher than Europe as a whole – followed by the visitors in the United Kingdom who spent 33.0 hours on average. The Dutchs were also viewing most pages in March each viewing 3,515 pages on average, 31 percent more than the European average.

Overview of European Internet Usage by Country Ranked by Total Unique Visitors
Country          Total Unique 
     Visitors (000)      
  Average Hours 
pr. visitor
        Average Pages
pr Visitor
Europe      363,69726.0% 2,678
Germany 49,72923,4% 2,643
Russia 47,41722,8% 2,532
France    42,25127,5%2,644
United Kingdom 36,244 33,0%2,953
Italy 22,981 17,9%1,688
Turkey  22,768 29,4%3,098
Spain     21,317 26,3%2,404
Poland  18,192 25,9%2,976
Netherlands     11,953 34,4%3,515
Sweden  6,138 25,0%2,369
Belgium     5,903 19,7%2,016
Austria  4,654 13,8%1,456
Switzerland     4,646 18,4%1,794
Portugal  4,099 20,2%1,878
Denmark     3,638 20,8%2,138
Finland  3,336 24,7%2,359
Norway     3,212 25,1%2,019
Irland     2,048 18,8%1,720
Source: Comscore (May 2012)

See press release from Comscore.