3 Apr 2011

Women Shop More Frequently but Men Spend More pr Purchase

Women shop more frequently than men and that for the third year in a row. It may sound like a myth but it is not, according Deutsche Card Services (German Credit Card Services) which has investigated around eight million selected transactions on their platform. This is supporting a blog post I made last year about the same topic.

Six out of ten transactions in European online shops are done by a woman. Women might shop more frequently but men tend to use more money per purchase. A man has on average articles worth €93.12 (£82.23; $132,55) in his shopping cart when he makes his purchase. This is €24.47 (£21.61; $34.83) more than a woman usually has. Unfortunately, men are not always happy with their purchase. When shopping for less than €500 (£441,53; $711,7) chargebacks involving men are 0.0926 per cent meanwhile women only account for a third of that. Only when shopping for more than €500 (£441,53; $711,7) do women have a higher return rate.

See press release from Deutsche Card Services.


  1. its a fact that women purchases more but spend less money on shopping than men do. post free classified

  2. Women fashion is to shopping regularly.Because women are born to be artistic.But aside from shopaholic women know how to spend money wisely.As a result the man spend more money than women.

  3. That is so-called compulsory shopping I woudl say :) Of course men are spending more money on fashion than women, it's just the wrong perception that women are shopaholic.