21 Apr 2011

Banking Is An Online Business

If you think the queue is getting smaller in your bank, you might be right. Credit cardholders are logging on to their account more frequently than few years ago. Last year 76 per cent had logged on to their account which is 5 per cent more than in 2009, according to a Comscore report.

One in five log on to their account at least once a week and 17 per cent log on more than once a week. There is, however, a large group which have never logged on to their account. 24 per cent say they have never logged on to their bank's (or financial institution) web sites but this group is getting smaller. Compared to last this group is 5 per cent smaller.

Frequency of visit to bank's website       2009        2010
Log on more than once a week                     15%         17%
Log on once a week                                     15%         19%
Log on twice a month                                   17%         17%
Log on once a month                                    15%         15%
Log on less than once a month                        8%          8%
Have never logged on to the website             29%         24%
Source: Comscore (April 2011)

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