27 Mar 2011

Three in Four Online Surfers Visit a Retail Website

The number of online surfers in Europe who visit a retail website is increasing. A survey from Comscore shows that in January 2011, 270.6 million unique visitors in Europe visited a retail website, which is equal to a market penetration of 74.5 per cent of Internet users. Retail websites also show high penetration in the different European markets, reaching at least 75 per cent of the total online audience in 7 out of 18 European countries. Last year (2010) close to 1 in 10 Internet sessions in Europe included a visit to a retail website.

United Kingdom is ahead
United Kingdom has the highest penetration of any European market. Retail websites are visited by 9 in 10 of the total online audience. France is second with 87 per cent, followed by Germany with 82.1 per cent.

Reach of Retail Sites in European Countries
Country                 Jan-10         Jan-11         Average minuts 
pr visits
United Kingdom      83,2%89,4% 84,1
France 76,4%87,0% 83,2
Germany 73,1%82,1% 63,8
Ireland    64,9%80,7%35,7
Netherlands  75,3% 80,2%50,2
Spain  68,4% 76,7%39,7
Denmark  68,2% 75,1%40,6
Sweden     73,8% 73,6%43,7
Norway  66,7% 73,4%38,8
Belgium     71,7% 73,3%29,7
Switzerland  70,3% 73,2%34,5
Poland     N/A 72,4%20,4
Austria  61,6% 71,4%34,1
Turkey     68,0% 69,8%73,0
Italy  67,4% 69,5%21,4
Finland     63,8% 66,5%29,8
Portugal  60,2% 65,9%23,9
Russia     43,1% 59,0%33,7
Europe     66,0% 74,5%52,4
Source: Comscore (March 2011)

Clothes are popular
Apparel sites are still very popular online, you could call the online bestseller. European shoppers were spending an average of 23.3 minutes shopping clothes in January 2011. Fashion sites also have the highest percentage of page views in retail, accounting for 21.6 per cent of retail pages viewed in January.

Top Retail Categories in Europe by Per Cent Reach           Reach       Average minutes 
    pr visitor
Comparison Shopping 31,6%         5,9
Apparel  28,4%        23,3
Consumer Electronics 27,1%        14,1
Computer Hardware  22,2%        17,4
Computer Software 15,9%           6,3
Source: Comscore (March 2011)

See press release from Comscore.


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