5 Mar 2011

Shoppers Don't Understand Why Brands Use Social Media

All brands, well at least brands with a minimum of self-respect, have a Facebook fanpage. Some companies might even have a Twitter profile or otherwise be working with social media. But according to Shoppercentric, this might not be such a great idea. Well, the idea is great, but regrettably, the consumers can't really see the point.

Shoppers prefer the shop
33 per cent of the consumers don't understand why brands are using social media (having a Facebook fanpage etc.) compared to 18 per cent saying they don't understand why retailers use social media. Dare we conclude that customers will rather communicate with the high street shop than the brand's head office in some remote place - at least when talking about social media.

Reason to use social media           Why shoppers think
companies do it
  What shoppers want
from companies
Sell products 54%26%
See what customers are saying 34%23%
Find info about their customers 29%24%
To stand out from their competitors    25%18%
To connect with people 25%23%
To bring the brand to life 23%20%
To tell med something new 22%32%
To help me have some fun  7%12%
Source: Shoppercentric (February 2011)

The retailers' websites are more popular
It's not only the retailer's Facebook page which is more popular than the page from the brand's head office. The online shopper will rather visit the retailer's website than the brand's website. Again local is better than global.

Shoppers might not always see the great idea behind a company's online presence but they do visit both our social media pages and our websites. Thank Good. The purpose why shoppers visit a social media page and website is nonetheless quite different.

Reason for contacting companies           Website   Social media
To make a purchase 63%6%
Researching 59%10%
News about products 51%13%
Find the best price    55%8%
Get loyalty award 44%7%
Reviews 43%12%
Offers, discounts, vouchers 43%10%
To make a complaint 42%6%
To get news    38%11%
See what others have bought 26%15%
Share thoughts, join a forum 14%29%
To fell part of a group 12%32%
Source: Shoppercentric (February 2011)

One in ten who follow a brand on Facebook is doing it in order to get a discount, exclusive price or to participate in a competition or to get news. Only 6 per cent do it to make a purchase which shows that Facebook isn't a place of commerce but a place of social interaction.

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