13 Mar 2011

Search Phrases Are Getting Shorter

Nearly half (47,52%) of the web searched in the U.S. consist of only one or two words, according to Experian Hitwise which has examined 10 million U.S. web searches in four weeks ending February 26 2011. The longer search queries of five to eight words have become less frequent.

Number of words                January 2011   February 2011         Month over month 
        percentage change
One word 23,39%23,86% 2%
Two words 23,59%23,66% 0%
Three words 19,99%19,91% 0%
Four words    13,71%13,57%-1%
Five words  8,28% 8,15%-2%
Six words  4,62% 4,52%-2%
Seven words  2,58% 2,52%-2%
Eight or more words     3,85% 3,80%-1%
Source: Experian Hitwise (March 2011)

This means that when you are doing your search engine optimization (SEO) you have to make sure your keywords are spot on. Customers are using shorter search phrases, hence, you have to make sure the customer can find you when only searching for one word. Yes, it can be done, but it's not easy.

See press release from Experian Hitwise.