3 Jan 2011

Two-thirds of Online shoppers Have Paid to Download Content from the Internet

Some years ago everybody was downloading music and videos illegally from the Internet, it seemed. At least this was the popular assumption in the media. But this might have changed. Now 65 per cent of all Internet users have paid to gain access to digital content, according to Pew Internet. The most popular digital content are music and software which 33 per cent have downloaded. It's been popular for a long time to buy plane tickets and cloths online but this survey shows that intangible/digital products are also popular among online shoppers.

Digital products shoppers have purchased online:

Product Percentage who have bought      
Music                   33%
Software 33%
Apps 21%
Digital games 19%
Digital magazine, newspaper, article or report 18%
Video, movie or show 16%
Ring tones 15%
Digital photos 12%
Premium content (on site with free material) 11%
E-book 10%
Podcast  7%
Tool or material to in video game  5%
Cheat codes (shame on you:-))  5%
Access to websites, eg dating service  5%
Adult content  2%
Source: Pew Internet (December 2010)

25 per cent have bought just one of the products mentioned above. However, 16 per cent have purchased six or more types of digital content.

The average amount the online shopper pays for the digital service is about $47 (€38, £30) per month, including subscription. However, most shoppers are spending about $10 (€7,5; £6) per month.

Download the report 65% of Internet users have paid for online content at Pew Internet.