16 Jan 2011

This Year Social Media Is Integrated into the Business

Last year was the year of trial and error. This year, however, it seems to be the year where Social Media is to be measured and integrated into the business. The Altimeter Group has asked 140 companies where they were to invest in 2011.

And the result is that Social Media is finally taken seriously and becoming an integrated part of the business.

What internal social strategy objectives will you focus most on in 2011?
ROI measurements                   48%
Internal education and training 37%
Determining an organisational model 35%
Applying social insight to product roadmap 35%
Getting buy-in from stakeholders 32%
Developing a monitoring solution 30%
Getting tools and technologies in place 26%
Increasing budget 25%
Policies and procedures 22%
Source: Altimeter (2010)

See Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter's presentation on Slideshare and get more insight into Social Media.


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