9 Nov 2010

Social Sign-on Adds Value to Your Site

How many passwords do you have? And how often do you forget them or can’t remember which password to use for which site? Don't worry you aren't the only one. But you can help eliminate this problem for visitors to your site. The solution to this menace is to use Social Sign-on. Social Sign-on is simply to let the visitor sign-on using his social media password ie the user can sign-on using his Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or other social media-password. And it's worth the effort to give the visitor the possibility to sign-on using his Social Sign-on a survey from Gigya and Edge Research shows.

In the survey which was done among both e-commerce sites and online publishers two-thirds think they get more value from registered users than non-registered users. There are especially 4 areas which the registered user create value to the website. These are:
  • Loyalty
  • Word of mouth
  • Targeting content
  • Bottom-line
Loyalty. Registered users are more engaged and more loyal than the visitors which aren't registered. It’s possible to build a relationship with this type of user who in return will visit the site more frequently and generate more page views than an unregistered user.

Word of Mouth. The above mentioned loyalty can create a positive buzz for the company. Three-quarters of the e-commerce sites agree that registered users are more likely to provide more or better user‐generated content and promote the brand.

Targeting content. Majorities also note their ability to target content and promotions to registered users, as well as follow-up with them after completing their purchase.

Bottom‐line. Nine‐in‐ten say that registered users are more likely to purchase their products and services, and improving revenue.

Download the report The Value of Social Sign‐on and the Registered User.

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