18 Nov 2010

Click Rates Are Rising Again

You might have noticed that fewer and fewer users are clicking on your affiliate network’s banner or banner in general. It’s no secret: Many companies have lousy clickthrough rates. In plain English this means that fewer and fewer are clicking on fewer and fewer banner ads.

However, a survey done by MediaMind shows the decline in clickthrough rates might have stopped. The decline began long ago and the largest drop in clickthrough rate coincided with the collapse of the Lehmann Brothers in September 2008 and the global economy went down the drain. Since then the clickthrough rates have been declining at a lower pace. An average clickthrough rate declined from 0.15% in 2006 to 0.09% in 2010.

The really good news is that in 2009 and 2010 this decline seems to have stopped. Both in 2009 and in the first eight months of 2010, the average clickthrough rate has remained around 0.09%.

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