13 Sep 2010

Facebook Beats Google and Kills Yahoo

Social networking has beaten searching as American Internet surfers number no. 1 activity. Facebook has, according to ComScore, replaced Google as the most visited page. Americans spent 41.1 million minutes on Facebook in August which is about 9.9 per cent of their Internet surfing minutes for the month, Google (including Youtube, Gmail etc.) is surpassing 39.8 million minutes or 9.6 per cent surfing minutes.

In August, last year American Internet users had spent less than 5 per cent of their surfing time on Facebook and close to the same percentage on Google.  Three years ago, in 2007, Facebook had less than 2 per cent of American web surfers’ total minutes while Google accounted for less than 4 percent and Yahoo for over 12 percent. But things has changed dramatically since then.

Today, the third most popular website is Yahoo which accounts for 37.7 million minutes or 9.1 per cent. Back in July, it was the first timeYahoo overtaken by Facebook.

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