19 Aug 2010

Women Want to be Online - All the Time

Are you online all the time? Do you turn off your phone during the night? Many women in the ages 18 to 34 don't turn their phone off during the night and more than a one in three women using social media have fallen asleep with their smartphone or PDA in their hand, research from Oxygen Media Insights Group shows. Many young women are in close contact with family, friends and most likely work 24/7.

We know that many people are hyperconnected and like to explore the internet and social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and so on. People are out there waiting to get involved in your site around the clock and to become a fan of your Facebook page and check-in on your location via Foursquare. You might ask yourself what are you offering. If your answer is nothing, you might sit down a get a brainstorm going. Because social media can increase profitability, this cannot be ignored. So invite the customer to participate in your brand and sell more.

Are you always online? Do you turn your phone off during the night?