14 Aug 2010

Women Are the Kings of Online Shopping

This might seem a little sexist but I hope you will forgive me, because it's now a fact: Women do shop more online than men. According to ComScore are 61.2 per cent of all online transactions are made by women despite accounting for less than half of the Internet users in the US.

Women's online shopping carts usually contain less valuable products than men's but women make more purchases online than men. All in all women account for 58.2 per cent of the total spend online.

Internet users
Online buyers
Transactions made
Dollars spent
Female: 49.8% Female: 57.9% Female: 62.2% Female: 58,2%
Male: 50.2% Male: 42.1% Male: 38,9% Male: 41.8%
Source: Comscore

Not surprisingly women dominate the online market for fashion and jewelry, toys, housewares, books and other entertainment but, quite surprisingly, they also dominate video games.

Taking a wider perspective women spend 20 per cent more time on retail sites than men and they dominate most categories. Men only dominate computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, sporting goods and music.

There is also a difference in shopping behaviour. Women are more likely to choose a multichannel retailer whereas men tend to stick with online retailers. On social shopping sites, group buying sites and limited-time sale sites women are most likely to be customers.

These are the facts. But don't stop there use this knowledge. If you have a shopping site you might have more female visitors than you think regardless of the range of products you are offering. Even if you sell video games. No, don't make it all pink, women don't want that. Does your site appeal to women?

Find out more on women online behaviour on www.comscore.com.


  1. I found your blog on Google and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  2. Thanks! Sunday there will be a new blog post about the value of a Facebook fan.

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  4. Yes, Women are king of online shopping because they can check many products and compare their prices to available shopping store.By this, they can save money and find the best product for them.

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