3 Aug 2010

Facebook and Twitter Hit a Milestone

On this blog I have advocated the use of Facebook and Twitter. I have helped you on How to become a Social Media Champion, told you how Social Media Can Increase Profitability and have shown you 5 Pittfalls of Social Media and How to Avoid Them. You might have ignored these blogpost but if you weren't convinced before these numbers might.

Late July Facebook announced that the social media phenomenon has 500.000.000 user. Yes, some might have more that one profile but still the number can't be ignored. In other words one in every 14 person in the world is on Facebook. Shortly after Twitter also had interesting news. Message no. was uploaded the same month as Facebook celebrated its milestone. The social media where people only have 140 characters to tweet their message is continuously gaining popularity worldwide. The service was four years to reach 10 billion messages - which happened in March - but then less than five months to double the number.

Still in doubt? You can still get on Facebook and Twitter it's not too late but it's about time. People are waiting to hear from you.

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