23 Jul 2010

Be Smart Use Behavioural Targeting

Don't you just hate it? You have just bought a car or a suit. But when you return to the shop or dealership to pick it up the salesperson is trying to sell you the exact same car or suit - again. Well, to be honest neighter do I. Because a good salesperson remembers you and doesn't try to sell you the same product all over again.

But why does it happen all the time online. If a person visits your website clicks on a banner and buys eg a bike what do you offer him when he returns one day later to track and track his order? Unfortunately, you will most likely offer him the exact same bike he bought yesterday. Stupid it's it?

Behavioural Targeting is the solution
There is a solution to this problem and it's called Behavioural Targeting (also called Behaviorial Targeting) or segmentation. The idea is that if a visitor has already bought the product you are offering on the banner you show him something else.

An example. If you are a new customer you'll see a banner offering an attractive sign on bonus:

If you already are a customer there is no need to show the sign on bonus. Hence, you'll see something else preferably another offer:

Your website has become intelligent! And the customers love it. You'll sell more and you can target your content. So you can eat the cookie and have it too. Isn't that great? If your CMS system is as good as it is supposed to be, you should be able to do Behaviourial Targeting on your website. You just need a cookie. Ask you developer for this.

The above is just one example, you can do the same with text, buttons, flows etc. Share your knowledge: Where do you want to use Behaviourial Targeting?

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