21 Jun 2010

Twenty-two Per Cent of All Time Spent Online Is on Social Media

Last year it was claimed in a video which I refered to in a blogpost that Social Media had overtaken porn as the no. 1 activity on the net. Now The Nielsen Company supports the claim: Social Media is one of the most popular activities online. Why is that important, you might ask. The answer is: it's important because now is the time to invest in Social Media if you haven't already. In an earlier blog post I gave some examples on how the become a Social Media champion and it might be a good idea to read it and go on to find further inspiration. Because one in every four and half minutes used online is used on Social Media.

110 billion minutes
In other words, 22 per cent of all time spent online is spend on Social Media. Three quarters of the world's online surfers visit a social network or blog like this one when they go online. Compared to last year an average visitor spends 66 per cent more time on Social Media. In April this year (2010) almost 6 hours is spent on Social Media compared to 3 hours, 31 minutes last year (2009). Worldwide over 110 billion minutes are used on social networks and blogs like Facebook, Youtube and Wikipedia - just to mention the most popular. If you are afraid of making mistakes in the world of Social Media. Don't be because I have already made a blogpost about the pitfalls of Social Media to help you.

See all the numbers on The Nielsen Company homepage.

Have your business benefitted from Social Media?