1 May 2010

Dialogue with Your Customers Increases Revenue

Engage in dialogue with your customers and you will sell more. This is the conclusion in the survey: “E-commerce, trust and social networking – the case of Danish online video game stores” made by Jon Lund. In other words if you engage in dialogue on Social Media with your customer or uses social networking elements on your website, you will increase your customers' satisfaction and they will shop more often in your online shop.

Social Media and trust-scores
The survey shows that the more a company uses Social Media, like Facebook, the higher trust-scores it receives on Trustpilot.com. This suggests that Social Media is a valuable asset in the quest for satisfied customers. There seems to be a connection between trust-scores and number of orders in the online shop: the higher trust-scores, the more frequent visit to the online shop. So keep your customers happy and they will shop more.

Social Media also helps customers to express themselves to other customers - and potential customers. And if they are satisfied they will tell other customers about it. Then you have a online success.

If you want to know how to become a Social Media Champion I have written a few basis rules you have to take into consideration in an earlier blog post. It seems to be worth it!

Read an excerpt and get the whole survey.


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