8 Mar 2010

Give Your Customer Something Extra

Let's face it. An online shopper can get his or her shirt, broadband connection or computer programme from a wide group of online shops. So why should he buy it in your online shop? The price is more or less the same if you take p&p and all expences into account. The solution is simple: give the customer something extra.

An example is airline tickets. You can get a plane ticket to a certain destination eg from London to Paris from several airlines and numerous travel sites to more or less the same price. Where does the customer buy his ticket? He buys his ticket from the vendor who can make his travel most pleasant via a digital service. This could be the possibility to check-in online when the customer buys his or her ticket, so he or she doesn't have to que in the airport and waste valuable time. Instead he can go directly to the security. Or the vendor who can arrange parking ie sell parking ticket to the airport parking facilities, so the customer can buy his air ticket and his parking ticket at the same time. These are just two valuable online services.

You might think that your product can't have a digital service added to it. But you are wrong. All product can have a digital service added to it: You just have to figure out which. So start thinking. If you can find a digital service which will improve your product, you will attract customers and improve you business.